Timmy Cobbs Fitness


Review from Angela K.

5 stars

Timmy Cobbs is very knowledgeable and truly meets you where you are athletically. He creates a positive and motivating environment, while holding you accountable to your health and weight goals; all while making the workouts easily accessible, affordable and fun!

Review from Matika B

5 stars

This program and trainer was exactly what I needed to get started on my fitness journey. Great motivation , group training , and very dedicated to getting you ready for the goals in your fitness journey. Simply amazing.

Review from Shanika M

5 stars

Amazing trainer with stellar service! Products are also bomb! Thank you!

Review from Jeanette A

5 stars

Tim is very passionate about health and fitness. Always tuned into his clients personal goals and have the tools and resources to produce results. I have been working out with Tim for a year now and he has helped encouraged and push myself to high levels. I never thought I could bench press, run a 5k, or hit 2000 stairs in less than 30 min. Through it all, I have also learned it has helped my mental health and it keeps me grounded. If you thinking about a personal trainer, just do it!


Review from Orieal G

5 stars


Timmy Cobbs is hands down, the best decision I've made with selecting a personal trainer. He makes sure to tailor workouts according to my fitness goals, explains the benefits of the exercises we're doing, and consistently shows me new exercises. He's an all around good, personable trainer who treats everyone like family. Never in my life have I been motivated to work out until now. Please sign up with him for the life change/style you are looking for.