About Me


Timmy Cobbs Fitness was created to get everyone active and started on living a healthy lifestyle . Everyone's fitness journey looks different, because everyone's body is different. With The Timmy Cobbs Fitness - Formula, I can help customize a workout routine that we believe will best meet your physical fitness goals, whether it's getting stronger, slimming down, or just maintaining a healthy Lifestyle 

Diet is a major part of being the best you that you can be. With that in mind, I will recommend you the best diet that best fits your eating habits for you to be successful.  It is important to balance diet with workouts.  Like some people may think!  There is no magic pill that is going to fix your problems.  You have to get active and that’s what I will have you do.

I am a traveling International Elite Fitness Trainer who uses a variety of training styles, techniques, and equipment, which separates me from other trainers around the area. We aren't your average trainers. We eat, breathe, and live the with focus of having a healthy lifestyles.

All of my clients get the same treatment, recognition and goals celebrated as you would with your favorite Celebrity.